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Azimut Yachts: A Synonym for Innovation and Luxury

Since its foundation in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli in Viareggio, Italy, Azimut Yachts has established itself as a benchmark brand in the luxury yacht sector. Specializing in the construction and design of high-end yachts, Azimut Yachts is renowned for its constant innovation and elegant design, reflecting the best of Italian craftsmanship.

The History of Azimut Yachts

Azimut's journey began with the rental of sailboats before expanding into the construction of luxury yachts. The company's first major success was the distribution of Amerglass boats, thus introducing fiberglass boats to Italy. This evolution marked the beginning of rapid expansion, with Azimut diversifying into the distribution of motorboats and the design of new yachts in partnership with Amerglass, notably the famous AZ 43' Bali.

Range and Innovation

The Azimut range stands out for its diversity, offering models ranging from the sporty and elegant yachts of the S series to the impressive superyachts of the Grande series. Each series offers unique features, avant-garde designs, and technological innovations, such as the Magellano, Verve, and Atlantis series, providing varied and luxurious experiences at sea.

Environmental Commitment and Charity

Azimut Yachts not only builds exceptional yachts but also commits to ocean preservation and supports various charitable initiatives. This approach underscores Azimut's desire to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Yacht Charter and Events

Azimut Yachts also offers luxury yacht charter services, providing an extensive range of yachts for unforgettable vacations at sea. The fleet is equipped to meet all needs, from wellness spaces to high-end entertainment facilities, ensuring an exceptional sailing experience.

With over half a century of history, Azimut Yachts continues to redefine the standards of the luxury yachting industry through its innovative designs, environmental commitment, and charitable initiatives. Azimut Yachts represents more than just a brand; it's a luxurious and conscious lifestyle experience on the water, making it a preferred choice for yachting enthusiasts worldwide.