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Lagoon Catamarans: The Intersection of Luxury and Technology

Since its establishment in 1984, Lagoon Catamarans has emerged as a benchmark brand in the construction of cruising catamarans, combining luxury, comfort, and innovation. Owned by the Beneteau Group, a global leader in the cruising catamaran market, Lagoon epitomizes the exploration of the seven seas with an insatiable human curiosity.

The History of Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoon Catamarans was initially created as a specialized division within Jeanneau, a monohull manufacturer, before being sold to Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB), which was later acquired by Beneteau in 1995. Since then, Lagoon has become the world's largest multihull builder, renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Lagoon Catamarans' Boats

Lagoon catamarans are distinguished by their construction using a balsa wood core sandwiched between layers of fiberglass, molded by vacuum infusion, ensuring lightweight, robustness, and improved insulation. The cabins are crafted from plywood, providing an interior that is both luxurious and comfortable.

Lagoon offers a wide range of sail and power catamarans, ranging from the Lagoon 40 to the majestic Seventy 8. Each model is designed to provide an exceptional sailing experience, combining spacious living areas, remarkable sea performance, and high autonomy for ocean crossings.

Innovations and Environmental Commitments

Lagoon is strongly committed to marine environmental preservation, integrating significant sustainability advancements into the design and construction of its catamarans. This commitment is evident in the choice of materials, environmentally friendly production techniques, and optimization of onboard energy consumption.

Lagoon Catamarans continues to innovate and push the boundaries of luxury shipbuilding. With over 7,000 catamarans sailing the world's oceans since its inception, Lagoon remains an iconic brand for sea enthusiasts, offering unforgettable experiences to those who dream of exploring the world without compromising on comfort or environmental respect.

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