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Sanlorenzo: An Italian Excellence in the World of Luxury Yachting

Sanlorenzo is a prestigious brand in the luxury yachting world, renowned for its bespoke approach and meticulous attention to detail. Founded in 1958 in Viareggio, Italy, Sanlorenzo has established itself as a reference point for enthusiasts of exclusive yachts, offering a unique experience to each owner. The brand is celebrated for its timeless elegance, exceptional quality, and constant innovation. Sanlorenzo doesn’t just build boats; it creates navigable works of art, customized according to the specific desires of its clients.

Yacht Range

Sanlorenzo offers several lines of yachts, each with its unique characteristics, to cater to the varied desires of its clientele.

  • SL Line: This range includes planing motor yachts, known for their elegant style and performance. The SL line models vary in size, from about 24 to over 30 meters, and are distinguished by their sleek lines and optimized layout. For instance, the SL78 offers spacious interior spaces with meticulous attention to comfort and luxury.

  • SD Line: Sanlorenzo’s semi-displacement yachts combine comfort and autonomy, ideal for long cruises with reduced fuel consumption. The SD line features yachts with a timeless design and exceptional livability. The SD126, for example, is a yacht that perfectly marries elegance and functionality, offering vast living spaces both inside and out.

  • SX Line: Innovative and modern, the SX range merges the space and flexibility of an explorer with the elegance and performance of Sanlorenzo yachts. Models like the SX88 are characterized by open and modular spaces that invite a direct connection with the sea.

  • Superyachts: Sanlorenzo also excels in the construction of superyachts, majestic vessels that often exceed 40 meters in length. These bespoke creations represent the pinnacle of luxury and technology, offering everything one could imagine in terms of space, comfort, and sophistication. The 64Steel is an impressive example from this category, with its five decks offering extraordinary interior volume and an owner's suite with panoramic views.

Environmental Commitment and Innovation

Sanlorenzo actively engages in sustainable practices and innovations to minimize the environmental impact of its yachts. The brand explores the use of environmentally friendly materials, energy consumption optimization, and the development of hybrid solutions. This commitment results in more eco-responsible yachts, without compromising on performance or luxury.

Sanlorenzo represents the ultimate in luxury yachting, offering its clients a truly bespoke experience. Each yacht is the result of close collaboration between Sanlorenzo’s master craftsmen and the owner, ensuring that every detail reflects the latter's vision and desires.

With an extensive range of planing, semi-displacement, and innovative superyachts, Sanlorenzo continues to define the standards of nautical excellence.