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Sunseeker: A British Legend in Luxury Yachts

Foundation and Evolution

Founded in 1969 by brothers Robert and John Braithwaite, Sunseeker International embarked on its journey in the coastal town of Poole, United Kingdom. What began with open speedboats swiftly evolved through ingenuity and innovation, becoming an iconic brand of high-performance luxury yachts. Their passion for shipbuilding and willingness to embrace innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies laid the groundwork for what would become a globally renowned enterprise​​​​.

Expansion and Innovation

Sunseeker's entry into the Mediterranean market was marked by collaboration with renowned naval architect Don Shead, resulting in the creation of groundbreaking models such as the Offshore 28. The 1980s and 1990s saw the introduction of iconic models like the Portofino 31 and the Tomahawk 37, as well as jet-propelled boats like the Renegade 60, solidifying Sunseeker's reputation for performance, innovation, and style​​​​.

Recognition and Global Reach

Sunseeker's reputation was bolstered by its presence in James Bondfilms, underscoring the brand's association with luxury and adventure. The company was also celebrated in a BBC Twodocumentary, highlighting its stature in the superyacht industry​​.

Current Ownership and Direction

Sunseeker is presently owned by the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda, which acquired a majority stake in 2013, pledging to preserve the company's day-to-day operations in Poole and its workforce. Under the leadership of visionary executives, the company continues to innovate, producing approximately 150 boats annually, ranging from 38 to 161 feet, at its facilities in Poole and Hythe​​​​.

The Future of Sunseeker

Remaining at the forefront of innovation, Sunseeker launched five new models in 2021, the largest simultaneous introduction in the company's history, while also planning to expand its range. With a global presence and an extensive network of distributors, Sunseeker continues to dominate the luxury yacht market, poised for future growth and the introduction of revolutionary new designs.

Sunseeker remains a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and luxury, perpetuating the pioneering spirit of its founders and consistently pushing the boundaries of excellence in shipbuilding.