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Beneteau is an iconic French brand in the nautical industry, renowned for the quality, innovation, and craftsmanship of its boats. Founded in 1884 by Benjamin Beneteau, the company initially started by building fishing boats before shifting to pleasure boating, becoming one of the world leaders in the production of sailboats and motorboats.

Over the years, Beneteau has evolved and adapted to new technologies and the changing needs of sailors while staying true to its artisanal roots. The company offers a diverse range of models, from small sailboats to large luxury yachts, including motorboats for all types of use.
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Environmental Commitment

Beneteau is also committed to reducing its environmental impact by incorporating sustainable practices into its production and developing more environmentally friendly models. The use of eco-friendly materials, the reduction of fuel consumption, and thedesign of hybrid boats are all measures that illustrate this commitment.


Beneteau sailboats are divided into several ranges, each targeting different sailor profiles and uses:

Beneteau Oceanis:

This range is designed for family cruising, combining comfort, space, and safety. Oceanis models are renowned for their habitability and ease of maneuvering, making sailing accessible even for beginners. For example, the Oceanis 46.1 offers a perfect balance between performance and onboard comfort.

Beneteau First:

Focused on performance and competition, the First range is aimed at regatta and speed enthusiasts. The First 53 is a flagship model of this line, combining elegance, power, and precision in its hull and rigging design.

Figaro Beneteau:

Specifically designed for solo or double-handed racing, this series illustrates Beneteau's commitment to high-level competition. The Figaro Beneteau 3, with its innovative design and foils, has revolutionized offshore racing.


Beneteau also offers a wide selection of motorboats, suitable for various nautical activities, from leisurely fishing to luxurious cruising:

Beneteau Antares:

Ideal for family outings or trips with friends, the Antares range is known for its comfort and safety at sea. The Antares 11 model, for instance, stands out for its generous living space and great habitability.

Beneteau Swift Trawler:

Designed for long distances, the Swift Trawlers combine comfort and fuel efficiency. The Swift Trawler 47 is an excellent choice for those dreaming of long cruises, offering spacious interior space and impressive autonomy.

Gran Turismo:

These sporty and elegant motorboats are perfect for speed and luxury enthusiasts. The Gran Turismo 50, with its sleek lines and high-end fittings, promises thrilling sensations and unparalleled comfort.

Beneteau for sale

Beneteau for sale