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Catana Catamarans: An Innovative Journey Across the Waves

Since its establishment in 1984, Catana Catamarans has emerged as a leading builder in the realm of high-performance cruising catamarans. With its roots firmly planted in Canet en Roussillon, France, the brand is renowned for its revolutionary designs, coupled with renowned expertise that merges performance, luxury, and comfort.

The Legacy of Catana Catamarans

The history of Catana Catamarans begins with the vision to integrate unique features such as reverse bows to enhance performance while minimizing the risk of burying the bows, curved foil-type daggerboards to optimize upwind sailing, and "crash-boxes" at the ends to ensure the unsinkability of the catamarans. These technological innovations, combined with the use of vacuum infusion technology and carbon fiber, position Catana Catamarans as a benchmark in the luxury catamaran category.

Flagship Models at the Forefront of Innovation

Over the years, Catana has distinguished itself with the launch of iconic models that have left their mark on the nautical industry. From the early designs of Lock Crowther, such as the Catana 42S, to the highly innovative Catana 50, renowned for its bulbous bows minimizing pitching and providing additional buoyancy, each model reflects a continuous pursuit of performance and comfort. The Catana 65 and the majestic Catana 90, the largest yacht built by the shipyard, illustrate the brand's ambition to satisfy a discerning clientele seeking grandeur.

A Philosophy Focused on Performance and Comfort

Catana's semi-custom approach allows each owner to be involved in the design of their catamaran, choosing the layout, decoration, and equipment to perfectly suit their desires. This close collaboration between Catana and its clients ensures that each catamaran is not just a means of transportation but a true home on the water, ready to embark its occupants on unforgettable adventures.

Towards the Horizon and Beyond with Catana Catamarans

Catana continues to innovate with models like the Catana Ocean Class 50, which offers a perfect balance between performance and comfort, thanks to decades of experience in carbon infusion. The raised helm position and open interior design set this model apart as a game-changer in the high-performance cruiser category.

Each Catana is more than just a catamaran; it is an invitation to explore the world with style, safety, and uncompromising performance.