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Sea Ray: A Leader in Nautical Innovation

Since its establishment in 1959 by Cornelius Ray in Detroit, Michigan, Sea Ray Boats has emerged as a leading American manufacturer of motorized pleasure boats, offering an extensive range of models from 17 to over 65 feet. Acquired by Brunswick Corporation in 1986, Sea Ray has grown to become an iconic brand within the group, known for its innovative designs, quality construction, and commitment to excellence.

A Journey Marked by Innovations

Sea Ray was a pioneer in using fiberglass for boat construction, revolutionizing the nautical industry. The brand also distinguished itself with the introduction of the molded swim platform in the 1990s, adding a new dimension to the comfort and convenience of its boats. This pursuit of innovation continued with the acquisition of Baja, the largest performance boat manufacturer at the time, bolstering Sea Ray's portfolio in the high-end boat sector.

A Diverse Range for All Nautical Enthusiasts

The diversity of the Sea Ray lineup, with models spanning sport boats, cruisers, and luxury yachts, showcases the brand's ability to cater to the varied needs of boating enthusiasts. The Sundancer and "L" Series luxury yachts exemplify Sea Ray's commitment to luxury and performance, while the decision to focus on sport boats and cruisers up to 40 feet demonstrates strategic adaptation to current market trends.

Commitment to Quality and the Nautical Lifestyle

Sea Ray's history reflects an unwavering commitment to quality, whether it's attention to detail, choice of materials, or ongoing innovation. This dedication has earned Sea Ray a reputation as a leader in the nautical industry, offering boats that are not just means of navigation but true expressions of a lifestyle.

With a significant global presence and a reputation built on decades of innovation and quality, Sea Ray continues to set the standards in the nautical industry, promising unforgettable experiences to all who take to the sea aboard its vessels.