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Riva Yacht: An Italian Heritage of Luxury and Innovation

Riva Yachts embodies Italian excellence in shipbuilding, blending tradition and innovation to create world-renowned luxury yachts. Founded in 1842 on the shores of Lake Iseo in Sarnico, the company evolved from repairing fishing boats to crafting luxury yachts, thanks to the ingenuity of Pietro Riva. Over generations, the Riva family revolutionized nautical design, introducing combustion engines and cutting-edge designs that made Riva synonymous with luxury, glamour, and performance.

Riva's Evolution: From Humble Beginnings to Global Renown

Riva's story begins with Pietro Riva in 1842, repairing boats damaged by a storm in Sarnico. Under the successive leadership of Ernesto Riva, who innovated with combustion engines, and Serafino Riva, who steered the company toward high-speed pleasure boats, Riva earned a reputation for quality and excellence. However, it was Carlo Riva who transformed the brand into an emblem of Italian luxury, introducing elegant designs and technical innovations that positioned Riva as the preferred choice of celebrities and affluent personalities worldwide.

Current Range: Innovation and Italian Style

Today, Riva offers a wide range of yachts, ranging from 8 to 54 meters, available in open, sportfly, and flybridge versions. Each model is the result of a perfect blend of performance, safety, and exclusive style that reflects the soul of the legendary brand. Among recent models are the Riva 82' Diva, the Riva 90' Argo, the Riva 102' Corsaro Super, and the Riva 130' Bellissima, showcasing Riva's continued commitment to excellence and innovation in luxury shipbuilding.

Riva in the Film Industry and its Cultural Heritage

Riva is not only famous for its luxury yachts but also for its iconic role in the film industry, often stealing the spotlight from international actors and actresses. This notoriety adds to Riva's image as a symbol of modern and sophisticated elegance, resulting from a skillful combination of cutting-edge design and high-quality materials. Riva's history is one of unique and inimitable craftsmanship, making it a legend of contemporary yachting and a recognized icon of Italian nautical art.

Each Riva yacht is a living testament to Italian heritage, combining timeless design with the most advanced technologies to deliver unmatched elegance and comfort on the water.