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Amel Yachts: A Voyage Through Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1965 by Henri Amel, Amel Yachts has established itself as a symbol of French excellence in yacht manufacturing, located in La Rochelle, France. Born from a passion for sailing and innovation, Henri Amel's vision was to create ocean-going sailboats that excel in quality, safety, and comfort. Despite facing adversities, including a fire that devastated his shipyard in 1967, Henri Amel's resilience led to the brand's success and recognition worldwide. His dedication was such that, at the time of his death in 2005, he bequeathed a significant portion of his company shares to his employees, ensuring that his legacy would live on​​​​.

The Quintessence of Yachting

Amel Yachts specializes in the production of sloop and ketch sailboats designed for blue water cruising and day sailing. Historically, the shipyard focused on producing a single model at a time, but has since evolved to offer multiple models, including the Amel 50 and Amel 60, both praised for their design and functionality. These models exemplify the brand's commitment to robustness, maneuverability, and the luxurious French way of life at sea​​.

Innovations and Awards

The hallmark of Amel Yachts lies in its approach to offering all-inclusive sailing packages. Early customers received yachts equipped with oversized items like electric furling and winches, generators, watermakers, and more, without the hassle of choosing from a myriad of options. This principle, although adjusted over time, continues to guide the company, ensuring a hassle-free and comprehensive yachting experience​​.
In 2018, the Amel 50 was crowned "European Yacht of the Year" in the Luxury Cruiser category, a testament to the shipyard's innovative design and the exceptional teamwork behind each yacht​​.

Amel's Commitment to the Environment and Society

Amel Yachts' dedication extends beyond the seas to environmental responsibility. Adhering to France's Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law, the shipyard is a member of the APER, fulfilling its regulatory obligations towards eco-friendly boating​​.

A Legacy That Sails Beyond Horizons

Amel Yachts stands as a beacon of yachting excellence, with a legacy crafted through the visionary leadership of Henri Amel and the dedication of its team.

As it continues to navigate the future, Amel remains a symbol of innovation, luxury, and adventure on the high seas.