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Rand Boats: Pioneers of Electric and Sustainable Boating

Born from the innovative and eco-conscious mind of Carl Rand, the Danish company Rand Boats has swiftly established itself as a key leader in the design of high-end electric boats. Built on values of sustainability and performance, Rand Boats blends Scandinavian design with cutting-edge technology to offer an unparalleled nautical experience.

Company History

Rooted in its founder's passion for a greener future, Rand Boats emerged with the ambition to transform the boating industry. Carl Rand's ecological awareness from a young age catalyzed this entrepreneurial venture, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of yachting through electric innovation.

Rand Boats Innovations

The company distinguishes itself with a commitment to sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and optimizing production to minimize waste. Their boats, powered by efficient electric motors, provide a clean and quiet alternative to traditional combustion engines. This innovative approach also manifests in ergonomic design, ensuring boats are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

A Diverse Range for Every Taste

Rand Boats offers a wide selection of models, each designed to meet specific needs:
  • Breeze 20 & Mana 23: Perfect for social cruising, offering comfort and conviviality.
  • Source 22 & Play 24: Aimed at watersport enthusiasts, combining speed and performance.
  • Spirit 25 & Leisure 28: Ideal for those seeking relaxation and luxury on the water.
  • Supreme 27 & Roamer 29: Designed for adventure, blending ruggedness with style.
  • Escape 30: The ultimate day yacht for escape and luxury.
Each model embodies Rand Boats' commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation, promising a unique maritime experience.

Focusing on quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility, Rand Boats stands as a true pioneer of tomorrow's yachting.
For ocean and planet lovers alike, Rand Boats offers a gateway to a more sustainable and respectful maritime future.